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3 Affordable 3D Printers - Including the Tevo Black Widow

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3D printing can be for business or pleasure. However, when it comes to the larger sized 3D printers, one thing that often pushes the would-be buyer away is the not so print-sized price. These things can get expensive. So, does that mean you just have to delay your prototype? Absolutely not. There are greener and cheaper pastures filled with options of affordable large 3D printers for sale. Below, we will discuss some of those options.

3D Printer at Work

Tevo Black Widow

First, the Tevo Black Widow. This 3D printer has so much to love that it could make the exclusive list of best 3D printers created. Minus the add-ons, this robust printer is inexpensive compared to others of its capabilities. Boasting an extra-large build volume of 375 (X) x 250 (Y) x 300 (Z) mm, this printer can hang with most commercial printers you know. The motor supports ongoing filament flow, and the feed system and extruder allow flexible filament with no need to change over. This printer has a very chic look as well. You can also add-on the auto level sensor and the laser engraver.


This FLYINGBEAR 3D printer can give you the production and quality like any of the most reputable names you may have heard. Able to print large-sized items thanks to its 220 x 220 x 280 mm build volume, it definitely leaves nothing lacking in efficiency. Due to the placement of its cooling system, it can work for many hours without breaking down and is built for longevity. It’s durable, super quiet, and easy to assemble. This machine gives you this and more for one of the best prices we’ve seen.


This 3D printer by HE 3D gives you the luxury of an array of options. This printer has three extruders, allowing you to print with three different filaments at once. However, a possible con to that is the smaller print size. It has a build size of 200 x 280 x 200 mm. Depending on your printing size needs this 3D printer can be more than you could ask for. Able to print rapidly with a heated bed allowing you to print with wood, PVA, or ABS/PLA/PETG. The HE 3D EI3 three extruder 3D printer is another one of our budget-friendly 3D printer options.

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