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3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Furniture Industry

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3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Furniture Industry

Remember dreaming of the future as a child? We expected technology to change the way we live in amazing ways. We may not have the flying cars just yet but you may have dreamed of printing 3D, which is one of the technologies changing industries. Has the future arrived? It seems as if everything can be printed these days. This technology is changing the world of furniture. Tables, chairs, lamps, and decorative forms can now be printed.


3D printed furniture has changed the design process in many instances too. 3D printing can reduce the cost of design, streamlines the process, and simplifies prototyping. Designers can create lightweight furniture prototypes inexpensively and quickly. The designers and artists can easily give shape to their imagination. They can test their creation more thoroughly and adjust the design more efficiently. The new tools don’t make the designer, it just gives new possibilities to them to explore.


Furniture product designers are using 3D printing for creating impressive functional design that could also pass as fine art. 3D printing is also changing how companies construct short-run pieces so it is increasing the options for consumers. Below you can see how 3D printing is revolutionizing the furniture industry.


Personalized Furniture

Mass produced, ready-to-use furniture doesn’t suit everyone for a variety of reasons. The space available and unique function of that space can be accommodated when you custom-create furniture to meet your specific needs. There’s a new global property trend toward tiny homes and revamping the way we live. With modern day 3D printing, you can print furniture with precision and at a viable price. Also, you will get the chance to choose colour and materials. The finish options are expanding too. If you’d like a hardwood look, it can be done. If you’d like a vibrant colour, that’s an option too. You also have the advantage of producing an exact replica of an item in future if you wish. For example, if you had four chairs created but found you’d like a couple more a few years later. That can be reproduced to perfection.


Design Freedom

From designing a comfortable outdoor living space to inventing a storage cabinet. Whatever you have in mind for your furniture, it probably can be 3D printed! Forms not possibly with traditional materials can now be achieved. If you dream it, you can do it!

When experimenting with new design concepts, you can produce prototypes to give the idea some real-life testing before refining and finalising a design. Unique beds, coffee tables, chairs, office fittings, multi-purpose items, or any type of furniture can be 3D printed.


You can choose the dimensions, materials, and colour to suit your taste. For example, IKEA’s 3D printed armchair with a knitted pattern can be printed in two different colours and sizes. The knitted pattern helps to eliminate any residue left over during printing.


Testing Furniture Components

Modern day, mass-produced furniture typically uses several components so there is a risk of error in performance, aesthetic appeal, and ergonomic design. For instance, the components of a chair are joined separately so if it has an inefficient armrest or seat adjuster, the chairs usefulness is compromised.


3D printing helps in modelling, testing and fitting of these components. When the designers finalise the model, they can take many prints of the parts. They can create the components with ABS material and nylon for obtaining smooth surface finish as well as mechanical properties.


Commercial Viability

Modern day furniture manufacturing typically includes adhesives and standard fasteners. From a commercial standpoint, they are designed with freight in mind. If an item can be produced and shipped in efficient package sizing and weight it has the potential for greater commercial success. 3D printing allows for greater flexibility in design components to accommodate efficient packaging requirements. 3D printed furniture is a win-win for manufacturers, designers, and people who enjoy great furniture without spending a fortune. We can’t wait to see where the future takes us in the 3D printed world.

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