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Fun Things You Can Make with Your TEVO Tarantula Printers

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We live in an age of discovery and invention. In order to signal the advent of the technological revolution, we might have to wait for levitating hover-boards to emerge from science fiction into reality. However, two-dimensional innovation has developed upward and outward.

3D Printer at Work

The imaginations of today’s scientists have brought us 3-D printing, which allows for model building and fast, efficient form creation. Buy TEVO Tarantula printers and get started! 

Do you know what you can make with 3-D printing on a TEVO Tarantula printer? See below for some unique 3D printer ideas. 

Functioning Firearm

If you have a 3-D printer at home, you can download the program for a functioning gun from the non-profit corporation Defense Distributors. In addition, because they are made entirely of plastics, they are light-weight and resistant to corrosion.

Musical Instruments

You can create an acoustic guitar from plastics and nylon powders. Scott Summit has recently created a guitar which can create a resonant sound despite a lack of wood products.

Also, the functional Shakuhachi Japanese flute is printed from stainless steel. It is available in several finishes such as matte, glossy, or bronze, and is overlaid with a dragon design.

Camera lens

Usually, you need glass to form a camera lens to capture light. With 3-D printing and a little ingenuity, the acrylic can be molded to redirect images onto film. While the results are not as crystal clear as glass, the snaps result in unique images.


Do you have your own original artwork which you would like to reproduce? The 3-D printer is perfect for taking your own 2-D designs and forming a paperweight or figurine as a decoration or toy.

Phone Case

Personalized phone cases can be found on the internet and through bespoke providers. With a 3-D printer however, you can buy a TEVO Tarantula printer and take your phone cases to an entirely new level.

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