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How to Assemble the Tevo Tarantula Printer

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One of the coolest new engineering and hobbyist activities is 3D printing. With the right software, hardware, and special plastic, you can create your own parts, sculptures, toys, tools, or whatever you can dream up. If you've chosen to invest in Tevo's extremely affordable and fun printers, one of the best beginner options is the Tarantula. After you buy a Tevo Tarantula printer, you'll want to ensure you assemble it correctly so you can enjoy using it for years to come. Follow our Tevo Tarantula assembly guide below to put it together!

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 Get Organized

First, set aside at least six hours to put together your 3D printer. When your Tarantula arrives, it will be packed securely in foam. Unpack all the components, making sure to set aside the bag of small parts where it won't get lost. Find the instruction manual and look at the section A-9 to begin setting your printer up. There are many YouTube tutorials of Tarantula assembly, so look up one of these instructional videos and follow along.

 X-Axis Mount

Follow the printed instructions to put the bearings, spacers, and eccentric nuts onto the bolts provided. Tighten all four onto the X-axis mount.

 Hot End

Now on to B-6-1. Loosen the brass nozzle and ensure that the cables are on the left side of the hot end. As you go, check to make sure there is not left-over metal from manufacturing. Use the longest screws in the bag (M3 screws) and tighten them into the head. Now, take the X-axis mount from the last step and, wheels facing down and fan facing out, put the head onto it with the short screws from the package.

 Left Side Z-Axis

Take the parts from the B-7 bag. Put the wheels from this bag onto the mount with the washers, eccentric nuts, screws and bearings in the order shown on the instruction sheet.

 Additional Steps

After these initial steps, you'll then use the same motions and steps to set up the Z-axis right side, the bed, and then the frame. As you go, check other online resources and make sure to look at all Tevo Tarantula printers for sale.

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