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3D Scanners

If you’re looking for a 3D scanner for home or business use, look to 3D Printer Universe for high-quality, affordable 3D scanners. 3D printer scanners were formerly only used in industrial settings, but we have low-cost scanners that are industry-quality. Take home yours today and start scanning a wide variety of objects.

With our 3D scanners for sale below, you can scan real-life objects into digital formats. Scan architecture, practical objects, or even people, and create digital models that you can use for a variety of applications. When paired with a 3D printer, you can create realistic replicas of all kinds of objects. Or you can always have fun simply scanning real 3D objects and uploading them.

Best of all, anyone can buy a 3D scanner and operate it thanks to the easy-to-operate technology. Explore our product selection to enjoy your own scanner as an amateur or professional. Our products make 3D scanning and printing a breeze.