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How 3D Printing is influencing the world around us

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When 3D Printers were first launched into the mainstream printing industry years ago, little did we know that one day these machines were going to break barriers and create new milestones. Printers were only looking for a better graphic output with clear and crisp image quality and the demand for it was quite limited. Today, however, the demand for enhanced 3D images has taken industry experts by surprise. If you look around you, you will most probably see 3D images more than anything else. Thanks to 3D printing, everyone, from professionals to amateurs, can create amazing art out of the blue.

A 3D printer enables art and technology to work side by side, and it inspires innovation and creativity. Images tell a thousand words but an amazing image not only tells a story but it also speaks to the mind in words that cannot be expressed. Here are some of the world-famous fields 3D printing is impacting positively. Have a look and let us know if you work in any of these fields or have come across some of the products of this technological revolution.


Visual Art


Everybody is an artist of some sort, but then we have professionals who live with the paint and brush. In the past, a visual artist was limited in terms of the kind of images he could create but now, things have changed. Perhaps, the most obvious evidence of how 3D printing has influenced visual art is seen in 3D enhanced art installations and sculptures. Some of the best 3D printers provide visual art creators with the artistic license to create complex structures and art themes that were formerly impossible, difficult or time-consuming. 3D technology also improves the creative abilities of the artist since he does not need any specialized skill to create physical art pieces by hand but with the aid of a 3D printer and some CAD design skills.



Music deals with sounds, right? If so, what relationship does visual art (vision) have to do with music (audio)? Well, quite a lot. These days, we not only find 3D art on display at museums and art exhibitions but also in the field of music. Although this is a relatively new concept, we are beginning to see instrument manufacturers create graphical designs of musicals instruments with elaborate features in less time. We know that designing instruments by hand takes time, but doing so with 3D imagery will reduce the time necessary to create them before sending the designs to the factory for eventual production. So, therefore, in the not too distant future, we will likely see more manufacturers use 3D printers more for instrument design at a greater scale.




What is theatre without pictures? Non-existent if you ask me. Since theatre, as we know it is a very broad discipline of the art, we shouldn’t be too surprising to witness quite a lot of 3D printed images today in the movies we enjoy. Building and destroying high rise buildings remains a very expensive endeavor, so creators are turning to 3D to reduce cost and the results have been amazing. Now, it is possible to design buildings and costumes and have them printed. The industry is beginning to rely on this technology to breathe new life into theatre and the elaborate designs that were impossible only a few years ago are possible today thanks to 3D printers.



Another field of the arts that 3D printers have taken by storm is in the area of dance. This is noticeable for ballet professionals who sometimes struggle with foot pain suffered from wearing dancing shoes for long periods. Some artists recognized these challenges and decided to create customized dancing shoes using 3D printers. Due to these changes, dancers no longer have to suffer from bruises and bleeding feet during practice sessions.


Home Designs


If there is one field that 3D imagery has taken over completely, then it is the design of homes. 3D CAD designs are the new normal today. You will hardly find an architect or design expert who doesn’t rely on 3D imagery to create structural themes. Interior graphic artists are not left out in the race for perfection. That 3D printing has taken over this field is no longer up for debate but how better will home designs become in the coming years? Only time will tell but based on what we’ve witnessed so far, the future is open to imagination.


The demands placed on the healthcare industry to improve the quality of human life is synonymous with being placed inside a pressure cooker. The desire for perfection is connected to the desire to preserve life, so every minute detail has to be critically analyzed for useful information. We find 3D images in use especially in the diagnostic arm of medicine. These days, x-rays are enhanced in 3D for better clarity. Dentists use the technology to diagnose dental problems and to spot patterns. Even gynecologist rely on 3D to provide an expectant mother and the child in her womb the best possible care. The use of 3D printers in the medical field will only increase as time goes by.


The demand for graphically enhanced images will only increase as society seeks constant improvement in all areas of life, and 3D printers will continue to play a key role in such an endeavor. From art to medicine to architecture, we find 3D imagery in full display. If you are inspired by this rise in innovative technology and would like to get more information about 3D printing or you want to purchase a 3D printer of your own, contains a rich source of valuable information that will guide you as you take the necessary steps to create your unique images that will amaze any and every beholder.

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