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Top 10 3D Printing Youtube Channels

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Top 10 3D Printing Youtube Channels

Top 3D Printing Youtube Channels

There are many Youtubers out there that have great content dedicated to 3D printing. Here we have compiled some of our favorites for you to check out.


Make Anything // 3D Printing Channel

Make Anything

  • Creator name: Devin Montes
  • Country: United States

Make Anything is one of the largest YouTube channels specializing in 3D printing. In each video, Devin shares his experience working on 3D printing projects that range from useful practical projects to fun and unique creations. 


Uncle Jessy

Uncle Jessy Youtube

  • Creator name: Uncle Jessy
  • Country: United States

Uncle Jessy specializes in creating 3D printed props and replicas for cosplay. The videos he makes are very informative and detailed showing the process he takes from 3D printing to post processing. He also occasionally does reviews of 3D printers and over all just makes high quality fun videos.


Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu

Naomi Wu

  • Creator name: Naomi Wu
  • Country: China

Naomi is first and foremost a maker at heart. She is based in Shenzhen, China and showcases her unique creations creations many of which utilizes 3D printing technology. Being in the heart of tech manufacturing in Shenzhen, she also visits many very interesting tech related companies and faires. She is one of very few females in the industry and is a great perspective in the field.


3D Printing Nerd

3D Printing Nerd

  • Creator name: Joel Telling
  • Country: United States

Over the past few years, Joel has skyrocketed to popularity within the 3D printing community. Due to his upbeat videos and great social media presence he has won the hearts of many. He makes a wide range of videos from product reviews to factory tours. He makes great videos that appeal to both 3D printing enthusiasts and beginners a like.


Thomas Sanladerer

Thomas Sanladerer

  • Country: Germany

Tom is among the most famous 3D printing YouTube makers. The videos on his channel covers many subjects from tutorials to product reviews. They are well produced and educational for people from all levels of 3D printing knowledge.


Maker’s Muse

Maker's Muse

  • Creator name: Angus Deveson
  • Country: Australia

Maker’s Muse is one of the early channels that feature 3D printing. The channel started in 2013 and has since garnered nearly half a million subscribers. Angus offers videos on 3D design and printing tutorials, reviews and projects. He is a great resource for testing the performance of printers as well because has created many models that showcase the capabilities of 3D printers.




  • Country: Sweden
  • Creator name: Simon Sörensen

Although the channel name may seem like the focus is on RC content, this really is not the case. Simon does have a love for all things RC but also for 3D printing. Most of his videos focus on 3D printed projects and covers many different categories from the obvious 3D printed RC car to 3D printed food.


Chaos Core Tech

Chaos Core Tech

  • Creator name: Garrett
  • Country: United States

Garret is a full time programmer, who is passionate about making things. He uses 3D printing to create much of his projects. The 3D printed parts are then given a fresh coat of paint by his wife Chelsey. This duo creates some pretty awesome projects and the best part is that he shares the files for his work!




  • Creator name: Chuck Hellebuyck
  • Country: United States

Chuck is a well established maker in the 3D printing community and is focused on helping new users get started. He shows tips and tricks in his videos to help newcomers get the most success with their 3D printer.


A Pyro Design

A Pyro Design

  • Creator name: Travis
  • Country: United States

Travis brings logos to life! He shows you the process of taking a 2D logo design turning it into a 3D print. You’ll learn how he uses 3ds Max, Photoshop, Cura, Zbrush, and simplify 3d programs to make his creations. He also collaborates with many others in the 3D printing community so you’ll probably see some familiar faces.


Daniel Norée

Daniel Norée

  • Country: Sweden

Daniel Norée is an award-winning Swedish 3D designer and 3D printing evangelist. He also is the author of The OpenR/C Project and The OpenRailway Project, and the creator of the famous Benchy model. Daniel’s videos showcase builds of RC cars, boats, drones and much more.


Honorable Mentions

We cannot include all the creators out there because there are just so many quality people in the 3D printing community but here are some of other channels you can check out.


3D Print Guy
3D Maker Noob 
3D Printing Professor
Mold3D TV
The Hot End
Hoffman Engineering
3D Print – Tech Design
Joe Mike Terranella
FugaTech 3D Printing
Jimmy Shaw's Tidbits 
Make It And Fake It
The 3D Print General
Desktop Makes
Print 3D Channel
Novice Expert
Think Making
3d Print Creator
Practical Printing

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